Cuffie wireless Shure AONIC 50 con cancellazione del rumore, eccellente qualità sonora da studio, Bluetooth 5, confortevole design over-ear, 20 ore di durata della batteria, facili da usare – Marroni: it: Strumenti musicali e DJ

Cuffie wireless Shure AONIC 50 con cancellazione del rumore, eccellente qualità sonora da studio, Bluetooth 5, confortevole design over-ear, 20 ore di durata della batteria, facili da usare – Marroni: it: Strumenti musicali e DJ

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ECCELLENTE SUONO VIA WIRELESS CON QUALITÀ DA STUDIO: Sviluppate sulla base di decenni di esperienza professionale. Nessun cavo. Nessun filo. Puro piacere d’ascolto – ovunque ti trovi.
CANCELLAZIONE DEL RUMORE REGOLABILE E MODALITÀ SUONO AMBIENTE: Evita le distrazioni per goderti una formidabile esperienza d’ascolto, oppure senti cosa sta succedendo attorno a te – premendo semplicemente un pulsante.
FINO A 20 ORE DI DURATA DELLA BATTERIA: Audio senza interruzioni, ovunque ti trovi – in treno o in aereo, sul luogo di lavoro o a casa.
COMFORT E DURATA DELLA BATTERIA: Costruite per resistere ai rigori della strada. Pieghevoli per un facile trasporto nella custodia.
FACILI DA USARE: Accesso rapido per rispondere alle chiamate, regolare il volume o mettere in pausa la musica premendo semplicemente un pulsante.
AMPLIFICATORE PER CUFFIE DI PRIMA CLASSE: Supporto dei codec audio più diffusi, inclusi Qualcomm aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency audio, Sony LDAC, AAC e SBC.
CONNESSIONE VIA CAVO AD ALTRI DISPOSITIVI: Sono disponibili un ingresso audio analogico da 3,5 mm per connettersi a qualsiasi dispositivo, inclusi i sistemi di intrattenimento degli aerei, e un ingresso digitale USB-C per la ricarica e per i file audio ad alta risoluzione.

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Le cuffie wireless AONIC 50 con cancellazione del rumore sono state progettate sulla base di un’esperienza pluridecennale in studio e sul palco e offrono un’esperienza d’ascolto eccellente unita a doti di comfort e durabilità eccezionali. Goditi un’esperienza d’ascolto di altissima qualità permanente, indipendentemente da dove ti trovi.

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10 valoraciones en Cuffie wireless Shure AONIC 50 con cancellazione del rumore, eccellente qualità sonora da studio, Bluetooth 5, confortevole design over-ear, 20 ore di durata della batteria, facili da usare – Marroni: it: Strumenti musicali e DJ

  1. Emily

    The Aonic 50’s are quality through and through.Upon unboxing for the first time, the carry case (whilst inevitably slightly chunky) is sleek and understated, but gives me every confidence that it’ll protect the contents. The handy inner pocket also allows me to stow both the 3.5mm audio cable, and USB-C charging cable neatly.For me, these headphones are primarily for wearing whilst I work, and so far they have excelled in almost every area. The battery charge can easily handle a full day’s worth of playtime, and they are so comfortable that I have no problems in wearing them for 10-12 hours non-stop. I might add that the build quality is fantastic – every part of the Aonic 50’s looks and feels incredibly well engineered.Working at a PC with graphics cards and fans working hard (and noisily) all day, the ANC was a feature that I was particularly looking forwards to testing. Without headphones, my 2x 2080ti blower cards are loud, and often distracting, but the ANC easily cuts out the sound of these to a huge degree. Passing traffic noise is also a thing of the past. The ANC doesn’t seem to deal as well with noises such as door knocks, but all in all it’s a really welcome feature.Sound quality is also fantastic – I constantly feel like I’m discovering new depth in songs which I’ve been listening to for years. Probably worth stating that I haven’t experienced any of the unpleasant resonances discussed in other reviews.I’ve had mixed feedback regarding the microphone, and general call quality – some calls which I’ve tried to take (both via my phone and via skype/hangouts/discord on PC) have reported that it sounds like I’m speaking very softly / muffled compared to when not using the headphones. Frankly, it doesn’t feel like a ‘dealbreaker’ though, as these instances have been few and far between.

  2. TheNamelessReviewer

    Where do I start?!From the quick postage to the phenomenal sound quality, I am in love with these headphones! I’ve never purchased from Shure before and never bought wireless headphones either, so I wasn’t sure (haha) what to expect out of these headphones but when they arrived at my door, a day after I ordered them, and I put them on, my jaw dropped. Being someone who listens to music nearly every waking hour, sound quality is important to me. After figuring out how these worked and starting up some music, I instantly knew that this pair put all my other pairs to shame. Now, when I listen through other headphones, the quality sounds flat. These ones are so good that you can practically hear the music in 3D! You can clearly pick out instruments in songs and details that you may have missed while listening through other headphones comes to surface. I will say that for a while as I got used to the newer sound quality, it was a little painful, due to such a big difference, but once I got used to it, it was euphoric!I’m still getting used to all the buttons on the side of the headphones as well as the different modes. Environment mode and the noise cancelling mode has provided me with some interesting experiments. The environment mode seems to amplify your surroundings yet cleverly doesn’t interrupt what you’re listening to, while the noise cancelling mode is beautifully engineered to muffle all outside sound. Definitely the best experiences yet!As I normally use wired headphones, the jump from wired to wireless has been interesting, more than once I have moved to make sure the headphone lead doesn’t snag on a door knob or wrap around my chair, only to have a sense of relieved freedom when I realise there are no wires! For those who are strictly traditional, a long adaptor cable is included but I will mention that I found the sound quality through the wire didn’t seem as good as without. However, it does mean that if you have a device that hasn’t got Bluetooth, you can still use these headphones.The headphones come with a sturdy case which I have included pictures of for reference of how big it is. The case also has a pocket with elastic and a velcro seal, so you can easily store any chargers and wires if travelling.Been wearing them for five hours non-stop now and no aching at all as well as continued great sound quality and little change in battery. Brilliant headphones, here’s to hoping they last for years to come!

  3. Lauren

    I’m not a headphone expert or an audiophile. So this review is for casual users I guess. I enjoy listening to music and that’s about it. Ive never been a huge fan of over ear headphones as I mostly use headphones when working out so I tend to go with in-ears. Took a punt on these and haven’t been disappointed.They are super comfortable. The padded ear cups are soft and cushioned, which are big enough to cover the ears and rest nicely around them. The adjustment in the over head band is adequate, so i have been able to get a snug fit to ensure they don’t move around too much while wearing them on the move.The sound quality is superb. Very crisp with no low or high end distortion or buzzing at higher volumes. I tend to listen to rock/ metal or synth/ dub and everything I’ve listened to, sounds brilliant.Ive never had noise cancelling headphones so was unsure what to expect. I was a little dubious that any headphone could cancel out outside noise to a point that Id notice while listening to music. I have been proven wrong. These are superb. I am a caretaker and the ride on mower we use to cut the grass on our field is very loud and required us to wear ear defenders while using. I thought I would give the headphones a try to see how they held up. I could barely hear the mower. No more than if I was wearing my usual ear defenders. I was very impressed. Also, the field is quite uneven in places making it a bumpy ride. At no point did the headphones try to escape my head.Alongside the noise cancelling, they switch to standard and environment, which basically lets in more outside noise. So if you need to be more aware of your surrounding environment if say you’re walking or cycling, this is a very handy little feature.They come in a nicely presented hard carry case which is a little bulky and I’ve mainly used for storage rather than transport but its a solid case that would work well if they are to be packed away in a case or bag, without worry of damage.I can’t really comment on value for money as this being my first pair of over ear headphones, I don’t have much basis for comparison. Otherwise im very happy with them overall.

  4. Halvi

    Der beste Kopfhörer den ich je hatte , Tonqualität super , Bluetoothverbindung super ( über Kabel geht auch ) . Da komm wirklich Studioqualität daher .👍

  5. The Family Worm.

    I love these headphones! There are quite a few similar products priced around £349 but I think these look the nicest. They are pricey but Shure don’t disappoint. From the moment you start opening them up, they feel special. Everything about them feels luxurious. If you are looking for compact headphones that fold away neatly, good for traveling with, these are not the headphones for you. The case they come in is big, there’s no getting away from it, but I love it! I wasn’t looking for compact headphones, and the advantage of the large case is that the head phones do not need to fold down, compromising fit and feel. The brown leather is buttery soft and the silver accents go really well. These are a seriously classy looking pair of headphones. I love the action on the earphones, they rotate and quietly click into position. I like the fact that left and right are very clearly indicated – L and R are woven into the fabric of each ear piece. The head band adjusts to ensure a perfect fit – these are super comfortable and I would be happy wearing them for hours. They come with a headphone cable and USB charging cable which is handy.Once I got over my initial excitement of opening them up, I had to try them out immediately. Even just listening to streamed music, the sound is incredible. I am not an expert, but I loved the sound. The base is amazing, especially when you consider the size of the earphones. I loved the rich, clear sound with no distortion. The noise cancelling effect seems to work well. I had the TV on quite loudly at the same time I was testing these headphones and genuinely could not hear anything coming from the TV. This is such a great feature for shared space living. The depth of sound delivered by these headphones, combined with the way they block out every other extraneous sound, creates a truly immersive experience. I think I could get quite addicted to these!

  6. IAGoteborg

    Shure is Shure. They are doing exceptionally good job with headphones, microphones. These wireless headphones are not exception- they are very good. I have MS degree in electronics and play piano so I have some understanding on these topics.I used also Bose SoundLink (very good, but a bit different sound balance), Onkyo BT But so far Shure are the best from sound quality and technical point. They fit quite Ok on my head and during the vacation I used them several hours per day, without problem.Shure can make the buttons a bit larger on the next version- with large fingers is difficult to manage small button without looking at the buttons. Bose BT button size is good for me- I don’t need to look at the buttons using Bose.For Shure I use flat equalizer, and switched off the noise canceling. Their isolation is quite good so usually I don’t need the noise cancellation. Shure guys know these things and their headphones are made isolating without even specifying this.Shure is one of the few brands specifying correctly the isolation- for example for Inear phones. I think, their Series SE215, SE425, are the best you can have on a long flight. For general use very good are Shure SRH1540, Shure SRH750DJ-E. I use SRH1540 to play piano. Shure give numbers- not just speculating something – noise isolating headphones. And these are not only some numbers written in the specs- they isolate to the specified degree external noise. When walking, training- the ordinary headphones with wires make a big noise. So you better use BT version in the case you are moving.

  7. Gigs

    ANC close to Sony wh1000xm3 but sound quality is way better. Played the both side by side and the Sonys sounded muffled. At $699 not such a good buy but I got it for $478.

  8. The Fault

    The Aonic 50 headphones are Shure’s first foray into two highly competitive markets at once – wireless Bluetooth connectivity and noise-cancelling headphones – and this is an assured debut from the reputable brand.The Aconic 50’s are every inch premium headphones, matched by the hefty price tag which puts them above some of the high-end contemporaries on the market. They arrived well packaged in sturdy circular cardboard packaging. Sliding the lid off reveals a quick start guide housed in the lid itself and a large circular carry case in the remainder of the packaging. The carry case is firm to the touch which provides protection to the headphones within, also coming with a built-in carry handle (justified by the size of it!).Inside the carry case we have the Aonic 50 headphones securely held in place with an elasticated strap. Also included is a cable with 3.5mm jack for wired connection and USB-C cable for charging the headphones. On the subject of battery – these headphones have up to a 20 hour battery life which is excellent and I can verify that they do seem to be holding their charge well even after prolonged used.The headphones are exceptionally well made, comprising premium materials. The headband is very well padded for good levels of comfort and the padding on the ear cups is soft and very comfortable on the ears, even after wearing for sustained periods. My ears also don’t seem to get too hot from wearing these which is very pleasing. The headphones are not foldable; instead the cups rotate so the headphones are flatter during storage.Bluetooth connectivity has proven to be effortless, syncing with my devices very quickly and without any connection or stability issues thereafter. The wireless range of these headphones is good – it advertises a range of up to 10m/30ft and I only noticed disruption in the sound when at opposite ends of the house and on different floors.Noise cancellation works very well at eliminating outside noises for better immersion and is adjustable both on the headphones via a selector switch and with more nuanced control with Shure’s mobile app. The app also has adjustable EQ settings but I find the default ‘flat’ pre-set to sound the best, at least from the defaults that are currently available. The ‘low boost’ EQ setting for added bass was actually quite poor as it noticeably muddied the sound.On the default EQ setting which I have generally stuck with these headphones sound excellent. They may lack the punchy or booming super deep bass of some other headphones (and I am a bass lover) but the sound on these is ever so natural, probably more in line with how the recording artists and producers intended, with no artificial overlay of bass. The Aonic 50’s are intended as neutral sounding headphones and this results in a remarkably well balanced sound. The bass notes are there and audible but not as pronounced as bass heavy headphones, whilst the mids are very crisp and clear and the trebles don’t sound overly sharp which I like. I am impressed with the level of clarity and balancing of the sound frequencies on the Aonic 50’s.The wide sound stage to these is also very impressive and I am hearing sounds I’d never discovered before in some songs. The headphones handle all types of music very well indeed and I can make out individual instruments and overlays easily in more layered songs. I have tried these headphones with various genres and they all sound great so far. I have also tried these with Netflix and find them to be immersive to use, reacting well to dynamic sounds and even in more action orientated scenes with a lot going on I can still pick up individual sounds.In summary, these really are excellent headphones. If you like a deep booming bass I would advise to look elsewhere but for those wanting something more neutral with a rich, layered, natural sound with excellent clarity and fidelity these really do tick the box. Stunning.

  9. Norelbis

    I got these to tune out the drone of my AC unit while I work & game, and they work generally really well. The ANC is about on par with older Sonys, maybe not as good as the newer ones, but these have Sonys beat hands down on sound and build quality. I also love the fact that basically every Bluetooth codec is supported – Sony doesn’t support aptX Low Latency – so if you have a suitable receiver you can use whatever setup you like. I keep mine on LL even though my receiver supports HD as well, can’t tell any quality difference with my use cases.

  10. Charles A.

    Muy buena compra… Tengo los Bose 700 y encuentro que estos tienen un mejor balance y separación de instrumentos. El Bose 700 tiene un mejor ANC ligeramente y también es mejor para hacer llamadas.

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