IK Multimedia UNO Synth – Sintetizzatore analogico monofonico. Facilmente programmabile. Ultra-portatile.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth – Sintetizzatore analogico monofonico. Facilmente programmabile. Ultra-portatile.

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Interamente analogico con 2 VCO, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF e VCA
2 VCO analogici indipendenti con Saw, Triangle e Pulse con forma d’onda variabile continua, inclusa PWM dell’onda quadra e white noise generator indipendente
2-pole multimode OTA-based sweepable analog resonant multimode filter con LPF, HPF, BPF
LFO con Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random e Sample-and-Hold per la modulazione di Pitch, Filter e Amp
ad (Filter) + AR (Amp) envelopes (controllo ADSR tramite MIDI CC o software editor)
Arpeggiatore con 10 modalità e 4 ottave di range
Sequencer a 16 step con edit in real time e 20 parametri automatizzabili

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Nome stile:Sintetico UNO

UNO Synth è il sintetizzatore analogico portatile monofonico definitivo, che segna l’ingresso di IK Multimedia nel mondo dei synth hardware. Abbiamo unito la nostra ventennale esperienza nello sviluppo di software e hardware con quella del produttore di synth italiano Soundmachines e del synth guru di IK, Erik Norlander (una delle menti dietro l’acclamato Alesis Andromeda). Il risultato è uno strumento senza compromessi con un suono analogico potente e dalla programmabilità immediata, il tutto ad un prezzo imbattibile.

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Nome stile

Sintetico UNO

10 valoraciones en IK Multimedia UNO Synth – Sintetizzatore analogico monofonico. Facilmente programmabile. Ultra-portatile.

  1. sion x

    awesome little synth worth double the cost. it looks like a toy but has some depth and robustness to the sound which I wasn’t expecting. The sequencer is very simple as is the sound design, but this just adds to the experience as its very quick to dial in a sound you have in your head.

  2. daniele errico

    ottimo e perfetto

  3. J. Dale

    I got this on Realdj for £139.00 and what a bargain !!! this thing sounds HUGE!! I have quite a few analogue mono synths (Moog Little Phatty, Moog Mother 32, Arturia (Mini & Micro Brute), Behringer Neutron and D, but this little thing is one of may faves. It’s soooo small and light but sounds EPIC!The editor Ap is superb and offers many additional controls and modulation options not available from the four panel. The USB integration with the Ap is really great in the DAW too. I love it!

  4. Producer

    Powerful mini synth -very flexible and usable sounds for music production

  5. Nore

    Covers all the basics for getting into analogue synths. Even if you’re familiar with subtractive synthesis, it’s a great addition to your set-up. Very simple to use with nice layout of controls. Also includes its own sequencer and arpeggiator, a few effects, chorus and delay. Only downside is battery life – they won’t last more than a few hours of continuous play. But it can be connected to any PC/laptop via USB for power. You don’t need any additional music software although I recommend downloading IK Multimedia’s app for the UNO synth for deeper use.

  6. J.R

    Great little synth, you can’t go wrong for the price.

  7. Paul Rak

    Excellent piece of kit! Analog synthesiser, sequencer and the rest. For £165. It’s a no-brainer! I bought 2..

  8. C. Sutterby

    Nice and simple to use with great sounds and features. I have a lot of hardware and I don’t feel that you should need a science degree to operate synths to make music they should be just part of the process. The UNO is just that, lightweight easy to use with good sounds. It’s not the best synth I have by a long way but as part of my gigging set up its perfect. The ‘keyboard’ takes some getting used to if you have never used one of these, but is better than the Volca ones as it is slightly more tactile. The only improvements I would like to see would be an internal speaker, like the Volcas and Novation Circuits have and more connectivity options. But for the money, it’s pretty good and a welcome addition to my kit list.

  9. enrico

    una varietà di suoni imbattibile date le dimenzioni , ultra sensibile e di gran lunga magliore di una korg volca bass

  10. GroovyJohn

    Please dont laugh but I really missed my old battery wasp (yes i am that old)I did look at all the korgs etc, but features where a bit slim and no white noise.This has everything you need in bundles, and…..you can save it.It has to be the best deal in the market so far, its monofonic but the keyboard plays arps chords etc.Line in as well for more fun and it can link to anything via usb/midi.If only it had a really basic drum machine built in with a 4 trk I would pay another £50.

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