Novation, sintetizzatore con supporto, pannello a 8 voci polifoniche da desktop

Novation, sintetizzatore con supporto, pannello a 8 voci polifoniche da desktop

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Nome stile:Sintetizzatore

Novation Peak ist ein achtstimmiger polyphoner Desktop sintetizzatore con tre nuovi New Oxford dedicati per ogni voce.

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Nome stile

Sintetizzatore, Supporto sintetizzatore

9 valoraciones en Novation, sintetizzatore con supporto, pannello a 8 voci polifoniche da desktop

  1. LA

    in my opinion this is the best synth on the market. the digital oscillators are rich and deep with the ability to be razor precise or have added drift and imperfections. the shaping section is all analog, the filter and drive sections are incredible. then it’s topped off by gorgeous digital effects. but with all that said the main reason i love this synth is that is just sounds amazing, lager than life. i’m not sponsored by Novation 😉 i took many years to research the right poly to buy and and i’m so glad i landed on this one.

  2. Filip Sobczak

    I lovin’ it

  3. Jack

    J’ai hésité car le produit est tout de même à un prix élevé, mais il les vaut largement. La qualité de construction et de finition est parfaite pour une grande richesse de fonctionnalités. Trois oscillateurs complets avec les formes d’ondes classiques et 60 tables d’ondes depuis la mise à jour (17 initial), deux LFO complets, ainsi que deux nouveaux depuis la mise à jour pour moduler les effets notamment (en provenance de son grand frère le Summit), grande possibilité de modulation, dont FM qui offre une palette de son des plus variés. Des filtres analogiques qui sont un des points forts du synthé, et des effets aussi très bons. La Reverb a beaucoup de profondeur. L’essentiel est à portée de main, mais des paramètres sont aussi accessible depuis le menu (oscillateurs, LFO, filtres, effets etc.) pour affiner le son dans les moindres détails. Le son au départ peut d’ailleurs sembler un peu moyen, surtout les présets sont mauvais, mais quand on commence à maîtriser l’instrument ce n’est que du plaisir ! On ajoute la polyphonie (8 voix), l’Unisson, et tant d’autres paramètres…. Bref ne faites pas comme moi, n’hésitez pas !

  4. Giuseppe Angellotti

    It just sounds great, you won’t regret it

  5. cyrus


  6. Chris K

    This is a synth that I’ve wanted ever since I missed out on buying the JP8080 many years ago. It just begs to be touched and tweaked, like any good instrument should. That is why I bought it, because software, and even my Virus TI Polar, just don’t encourage you to experiment like this does.Although the synthesis options are pretty restrictive compared to many software VSTs, and my Virus, the overall sound is definitely a step up. Incredibly lush, organic, and pretty versatile. This thing excels at pads, arps and soaring lead sounds. Helped a lot by its absolutely lovely digital reverb, which is really, really smooth sounding. Great when paired with a bit of analogue distortion too of course.Together with the analogue filter I find that this is all the analogue I need in a synth. It sounds fat, and it sounds thick, and it sounds good. Sure, it won’t go out of tune like a Deep Mind or Moog will, but I have never really been convinced by the argument that digital recordings of analogue instruments are inherently better than digital recording of analogue-emulating digital instruments. This thing just sounds great, and I guarantee it’ll be used in commercial releases for years to come.The slight shortage of modulation options compared to software can actually push you to be more inventive and creative with the ones that are there. I find myself just trying them all, since there aren’t too many, and have stumbled on some great accidental results that way. The restricted polyphony and lack of multi-timbrality also mean that I focus more on the quality of each patch I use it for, which is better in the long run than relying purely on huge layers of multiple synths and patches. I would probably still like a few more modulation sources added eventually though, as they did with the recent firmware update.That said, there are definitely some sounds it isn’t suited to making. You will struggle to make a tight fullon psytrance bassline directly with this synth for example, mainly because the envelopes just don’t offer anywhere near as much control as, say, Serum. Of course you can always just create a distorted saw bass tone and resample it, but I find Serum to be better suited to very precise envelope control with its bezier curves and the many more filter options. YMMV.The filter on this is worth mentioning specifically. It is very good, extremely smooth and sweet sounding. I just wish there were two of them so we could route oscillators along two paths…Overall I am enjoying exploring this synth very much.

  7. Giuseppe

    Bello da vedere, da toccare e soprattutto da suonare. Suono pulito, preciso e terribilmente stupendo. Se lo collegando via MIDI a un iPad e con un’applicazione seria, il divertimento è garantito. A volte lo si può usare come relax machine: collegando un iPad e mettendo una sequenza in loop (ottima Navichord) con un suono a vostro gradimento e aggiustando LFO, il delay o il reverb e avrete costruito in pochi passaggi la vostra relax room adatta per la lettura, lavoro o studio. Ma se volete fare sul serio questo è un ottimo strumento per fare musica di qualità. Ha tutti i muscoli necessari per produrre suoni di qualità ed è completamente programmabile e aggiornabile nei suoni via Components di Novation. Lo sto scoprendo un po’ alla volta e fino ad ora è stato divertente e intuitivo. Non ho letto il manuale per intero ma per chi ha qualche rudimento è una macchina praticamente facile e divertente da usare. Non lo spegneresti più…

  8. bea n

    The oscillators sound great, don’t be scared of digital.

  9. jojobe

    I’m very glad I took a risk and bought this synth. The promotional videos I saw (and heard) really did not give me any idea what this thing sounds like, but I wanted a poly synth, and what did sell me on risking a purchase was the technical info about the synth – FPGA based, no aliasing due to rediculously high sample rate & unique oscillator technology. The kinds of sounds you can get out of it are very nice, and the mod matrix is quite powerful – why they hid the most powerful feature under menus I don’t know though, it should have been done with knobs. Regardless, it’s very powerful. I really wish it had three LFOs though, that would be a major improvement in terms of creation of “evolutionary” sounds that change over time. [edit: in a firmware update a while after I wrote this, they expanded the number of LFOs to four and added many features to make Peak even more powerful] The lack of aliasing when playing high notes makes this a much more organic experience than most other digital synths I’ve worked with. The supersaw effects are surprisingly great, putting, for example the mininova (by the same manufacturer) to shame.

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